Futurewell was a part of İyi Tasarım İzmir Exhibition

This exhibition consisted of design works that the Futurewell team and stakeholders dreamed of – and sometimes realised – with a focus on “Design Justice” between 2019 and 2023. Projects on different subjects gave ideas about how design can be more justice-oriented, inclusive, and sometimes thought-provoking (speculative and futuristic). The works on display celebrated the importance of design and the rights-focused potential of the future and offered viewers the opportunity to think about how design can support social justice. We exhibited diverse works from the outcomes of doctoral research, a quilt produced with artists and craftspersons in the Embroidery Protections project, collaborated with Northumbria University, and student projects done in social design studio courses in poster form.

In the Imagining Feminist Solidarity Cultures for Community-Oriented Platforms workshop, organized within the scope of the exhibition and led by Pınar Apaydın, participants try to imagine solidarity models and the future of possible solidarity platforms inspired by feminist traditions in order to create diverse and inclusive alternatives.

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