Work with Us!

Futurewell is offering scholarships for the Design, Technology and Society (DTES) Graduate Program at Koc University, Media and Visual Arts Department, at the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

We are offering full scholarships for PhD studies, including several benefits. We also accept MA students. (Please check DTS Program webpages for application deadlines)

If you are interested, please send an email to ozge including:

  • a 2 pages statement on why your interests would intersect with ours (a research statement). Please include academic references.
  • your level of academic engagement with the research area of interaction design until now
  • [if preferred] supportive documents you feel like we must see such as a cv, portfolio, and previous academic papers. Please include an introductory text on why you share these documents.

Please fill in if you are interested in applying for a PhD position. This form is just to give us an idea of the amount of planned submissions. We still expect an email with the above-mentioned documents to start a conversation.